Protect your crown and look good doing it.


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I’m Yemisi and I’ve always loved to wear headwraps, particularly wraps with bold colors and vibrant patterns. I especially loved to wear my mum’s scarves and wraps.

I created AYỌCATHY out of necessity. I needed wraps that are functional and fashionable - I needed to protect my hair and still look good. I would always wear a satin scarf underneath my wrap. However, it often was a challenge. Sometimes, the knot of the satin scarf would interfere with the style of my wrap. A few times, the satin scarf would creep out and show (exposing my secret)! I remember in 2019, I started to search for satin-lined wraps, but did not find a great solution on the market. This caused me to start considering making satin-lined wraps for myself.

I simply wanted to create a product for myself. However, coincidentally, some days later, I was on the phone with one of my sistafriends and somehow we started talking about headwraps and she mentioned the same challenges as I had with wraps. That was the moment I realized that this is bigger than me...

I mulled over it, talked with my mum about it, and prayed! ... Long story short, I took a leap of faith and decided to go for it!

... I vividly remember talking with my mum about what to name the company. We were at the kitchen counter, chatting like we normally did most evenings. I knew I wanted to name the brand after her. My mum had several names (as Yoruba people often do), and one of my favorites is Ayodele, which translates to “Joy has come home”. Her first name is Catherine. Thus AYỌCATHY was created!

Creating AYỌCATHY from the ground up has been a blessing. I have learned so much through this process. From learning how to sew to learning how to create a website and everything else in between, I have grown (and am still growing) from this experience. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way, and I am thankful that I persevered through the challenges to get here.

There’s much more to my story and I look forward to sharing more of my testimony! I also look forward to releasing future collections. Stay tuned :)

In the meantime, keep in touch and follow @ayocathy1. Your support is appreciated!