Reasons to wear a headwrap

Reasons to wear a headwrap

Are you wanting to wear a headwrap, but not sure why to wear one? Well look no further, here are some reasons to wear a headwrap (#7 is my favorite; what’s yours?) 


 #1: as a religious symbol (wearing headwraps could be a way to connect with your faith, or as a sign of modesty)


#2: as a cultural symbol (headwraps have historically represented social or marital status, and/or family lineage in pre-colonial Sub-Saharan Africa)


#3: as a fashion statement (you could wear a headwrap to express your personal style. Plus wraps could be dressed up or down -- who doesn’t love versatility?!)


#4: as a hairstyle option/accessory (you could wear a headwrap as a hairstyle, similar to wearing a ponytail or a bun hairstyle.) 


#5: as a break from styling your hair (tie a wrap* in <2-5 minutes... Some days you just want minimum effort to yield maximum results)


#6: as a protective** barrier (wearing a headwrap could help keep your hair safe from the elements -- whether it be harsh sun, gusty winds, or dust. Plus wearing a wrap can also help to keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter.)


#7: as a ... pfft.. you actually do NOT need a reason to wear a headwrap. (just like you do not need a reason to wear your hair straight...) 😉


* Are you looking for tutorials for how to tie a headwrap? I post tutorials every Friday on Instagram! Follow @ayocathy1 for weekly tutorials.


** For a truly protective wrap, make sure it’s made or lined with silk or satin, which will be gentle to your hair strands (unlike cotton or wool). AYỌCATHY satin-lined headwraps are for QUEENS who like to protect their hair stylishly!

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