Two young girls with curly hair wearing AYOCATHY elastic back turban style silk headband. Girls are wearing pink dresses and hugging each other.

Back-to-school tips for curly-haired kids

Back-to-school tips for curly kids!

Is your curly child going back to school? Here are some tips to transition from pool to school!


Young girl with curly hair in crepe silk scrunchie. Girl is wearing black shirt, and denim overalls.

  1. If you answer yes to either question below, partner with a curl specialist to detox your curly child’s hair from oil, dirt, and product buildup!
  • did your curly child wear braids or twists this summer? 
  • did your curly child take swimming lessons or splash in a pool?

  1. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, it’s time to get those unruly ends trimmed to maintain your kid’s curly tresses!
  • does detangling your curly child’s hair take a long time? 
  • does your curly child’s hair tangle immediately after you just finished detangling?
  • has it been more than 3-4 months since your curly child’s last trim?

  1. It’s a good idea to switch up hairstyles and change the direction of hair parts often. Why?
  • new looks are exciting
  • prevents hair from falling in the same direction, thereby allowing curly roots to breath and preventing breakage and traction alopecia, especially along the hairline

  1. Put curls into loose ponytails with a silk scrunchie. Why?
  • reduces tension your hair and edges/hairline
  • silk scrunchies are gentle on your hair
  • prevents breakage/creases!

Authors: @haircanvas  and @ayocathy1 

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