Back-to-college curl tips

Back-to-college curl tips

Going back to (or starting) college this fall?! Make the curly grade with these tips!

  1. See your curl specialist

If you’ve worn braids, twists, faux locs or if you’ve been swimming a lot, consider visiting your curl specialist for a curl refresh/detox, a trim, or even a haircut. Refreshing your curls from product buildup, ocean or pool water, and the sunny elements are recommended to get your curls back in shape. Plus, a new school year is a nice time to try a new look. 

  1. (Re)establish your curl routine

Chances are your summer schedule was more laid back than back to school schedule. So it’s important to establish a schedule for the school year. This way you’re not ripping through your curls due to rushing or lack of time. Also, having a routine helps you to maintain healthy hair in between salon visits.

  1. Trim those ends

If you’ve got fairy knots, split ends, or notice that detangling your hair takes unusually longer, then you might be due for a trim! Keeping up with your trims helps you to maintain length in the long run!

  1. Wear satinlined wraps for days

For good (hair) days, for challenging days, for busy days, for laid back days, and all days in between... For any kind of day, satinlined headwraps are the ultimate protective style! The satin lining prevents breakage. So your true crown is protected underneath your headwrap. They’re short term/no commitment. You can choose which print and pattern to wear for the day depending on your mood that day. Simple and easy to wrap, especially for on-the-go days.

Authors: @haircanvas  and @ayocathy1 

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