AYOCATHY turned 2 years old!

AYOCATHY turned 2 years old!

AYỌCATHY  turned 2! 🥰 👑 🙌

So much has happened in year 2.

Here’s a quick look back at ~some~ wins from AYỌCATHY’s second year of operations:

✨ closed 2 retail deals!! (you can shop AYỌCATHY hair accessories at Designer Hair Care salon in San Leandro, CA and at Sweet July store in Oakland, CA)

✨ did 18 pop-ups and markets (including, 4 at Anthropologie, 2 at Sweet July, &  2 corporate private events)

✨ Sewed over 525 hair accessories (I still sew everything myself) 🧵 🪡 😄

✨ unveiled product packaging

✨ shared 50+ headwrapping tutorials on social media! (@ayocathy1 on Instagram)

✨ posted intentionally on Instagram 365+ times (daily!! - follow @ayocathy1)!

✨ pitched/kicked off convo for other potential retail partnerships ... more to come 🙏 🙂 

✨ invested in a new sewing machine 🙂🙂

I am so thankful for all the support, mentorship, and encouragement from my family, friends, QUEENS (customers), and community! 

I look forward to continuing learning, collaborating, and growing! 

Lord, I look forward to seeing what next you have in store for AYỌCATHY! 🙏👑🙏👑 The future is so exciting 🥰🤩

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