3 things you should know about AYOCATHY hair accessories

3 things you should know about AYOCATHY hair accessories

3 quick reminders about why each AYỌCATHY hair accessory is special!

1. Made with imported fabric
Have you browsed through the products on AYỌCATHY’s website and admired all the beautiful prints for each accessory? You find that it’s difficult to choose a “favorite” print? Perhaps, you struggle finding a print to give as a gift to a QUEEN in your life? Well..., then same, same, and same!

That’s because the majority of the fabric is imported directly from Nigeria! From the bold designs of ankara to the beautiful colors of the floral prints to the distinguished shapes of the tribal prints. Each fabric is specifically selected to cater to QUEENS who like to stand out with confidence. And that’s why quantities are often limited. Once an accessory is sold out, it may or may not be restocked, depending on the availability of the fabric.

2. Lined with satin
Your hair is your true crown that you never take off. You already do so much to care for your hair. You’re gentle when you detangle it, you have a consistent wash day routine with your holy grail products, and you keep up with trims and masks/treatments. So on those days when you want to own the room with unlimited confidence, or on those days when you’re in a rush and don’t have a lot of time to do your hair, or just on those days that feel like a “bad hair day”, a headwrap (or headband) is a great solution because it works for all hair days.

However, there’s a catch! Most headwraps are made from cotton or unknown fabric. Why would you put that onto your crown that you already work so diligently to maintain?! That’s why you should invest in AYỌCATHY headwraps (and headbands), because they are lined with satin to protect your true crown.

PS: searching for satinlined headwraps, and not finding a suitable solution in the market, is what led me to launch AYỌCATHY!

3. Handmade with love
I mentioned above that my quest for satinlined headwraps is what caused me to eventually launch AYỌCATHY. I learned how to sew so I can make this for me, you, and other QUEENS looking for satinlined wraps to protect their hair underneath!

Creating each product takes time and diligence. From measuring and cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, sewing, ironing, sewing inside out, flipping the accessory back right side out, ironing,..., then finally adding the label. Not to forget, threading my sewing machine, winding the bobbins, and overall machine and equipment maintenance.... It’s all a labor of love, and I appreciate being able to do so!

Author: @ayocathy1

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Denise D. on

Hello AyoCathy, we appreciate you creating a product that will not brake, pull or cause our hair to weaken and fall out, especially the edges!

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