2 AYỌCATHY-approved ways to celebrate National EDGE Day

2 AYỌCATHY-approved ways to celebrate National EDGE Day

October 17th is National Edge Day, an annual observance to celebrate straight edge lifestyles. 


However, at AYỌCATHY, edge has a different meaning. Edges are those tender baby hairs that grow along the perimeter of a QUEEN’s forehead. Your hairline is inarguably one of the most delicate parts of your hair, and should be treated with care. 


Laying down those tendrils can be adored as a work of art. You’ve likely heard terms “edges laid”, “slayed edges”, or “snatched edges” as metaphors to describe swooped baby hairs, slicked down with edge control, edge tamer, gel, or pomade, and styled/designed with a small brush.


“Laid and slayed edges” are aesthetically creative, but it is important to be gentle with your hairline, given its fragility. In fact, it is recommended to occasionally take a break from always laying down your edges. The layers of gel, the constant swooping with a small brush, and tying a tight scarf around your hairline (to ensure that laid edges stay in place) are all a form of manipulation. Over manipulation, especially on a fragile part of our hair, can have long term side effects -- potentially leading to traction alopecia or damaged hair follicles. 


All hairlines and hairline styles are celebrated at AYỌCATHY. Whether you’re team #laidedges or whether you like to leave your baby hairs as is, a satinlined headband is the perfect accessory for your and your hairline.


Wear AYỌCATHY satinlined headband with your edges laid or without them laid, the choice is yours QUEEN. 


(1) You could show off your laid-down baby hair with a satinlined headband, OR

(2) You can give your hairline a break from gels & pomades with a satinlined headband. The satin lining is smooth against your edges, so no friction or drying out your baby hairs.


All hair types are welcome. Just make sure you were your satinlined headband with confidence.

PS: I don’t always wear edge control, but when I do, I wear Tresses by Dreamless Edge Control. 


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